Saturday, August 20, 2011

Personal Loan, Business Loan

More and more people are asking about personal or business loans recently. Many do not know where else to get one except from loan sharks (Ah Long). Hence they were left with 'no choice' but to take the risk to venture into whatever their dreams are. Actually there are quite a bunch of legitimate sources ...

Below show a list of sources who can give you a loan without any collateral ( tak payah cagaran )

just click on the image to view the big detail image

Some of them may not offer the loan as stated in above list anymore but they usually have other similar alternative products replacing above. So you can just call and let them know what your needs are. They should be able to offer something as they have been 'requested' by the government to 'assist' local entrepreneur.

The interest rate will NOT be LOW as it does not have collateral. But at least they wouldn't come paint your house red I suppose. It is their job to assess your ability to repay. Should things really go south and you have problem repay this loan later, you can try get help from AKPK.
The loan amount is not big in term of business sense. So you may really want to ask yourself why do you need a loan for whatever you want to do. Why haven't you had a saving that is enough for you to start a few thousand ringgits business ? If you are honest in answering that question to yourself, you may find a better way to finance your business.

Else whatever happened in the past may most probably happen again and you may face a lower success factor. Perhaps that is why you will need to pay a higher interest rate to learn the lesson the harder way, again !?

Don't forget credit card is a kind of loan too at 15-18% interest rate. Do get offer from as many sources as possible before considering which one to go for. NEVER NEVER NEVER go for the first one you encounter with.