Wednesday, August 31, 2011

How was my Forex game ?

After setting up my forex game in just 15 minutes, I let the 'winning formula' runs by itself for the past 12 hours.  While I eat, dine and wine as usual.  I have just earned $64 !

First check the Account History to see what your formula has bought and sold for you.  As you can see below, I only win BIG in 1 or 2 trades, most of the other trades are actually losing trades.

This can be seen from below graph too, the formula successfully caught one major down trend.  When the market goes side way, many small loses are made.

So I test the formula again for the past 24 hours

Instead of earning profit for me from 30th to 31st August, this formula now is losing me money if I would have traded from 31st August to 1st Sep.

So was it just pure luck ?

  • Moving Average with those big parameters are meant to catch big trend change and indeed that was what it did exactly.  When market goes smaller side trend, it starts to trade too late and caused loses.

  • So each formula is good at certain condition and until today, there isn't one formula that can cater for all situations

  • The so called world champion strategy has about 48% success rate when left running over a long period of time.

  • But The good thing is now we can test our strategies before we actually enter market.

Learn to PLAY Forex in 15 minutes

Truly understand Forex may be as tough as understanding world economy.  But 'playing' forex is NOT any tougher than any number game.  I have stopped forex for a couple of years now, recently I got some spare time ( Happy Raya Merdeka Day to fellow Malaysian !) so I re-learn and start to play again in 15 minutes, perhaps you can try too.

  1. Register an account with Oanda  (Choose Practice account)

  2. Login to Oanda

  3. Create sub account, enable use with MetaTrader under Advance Option

  4. Download MetaTrader, install it.

  1. Run MetaTrader, Login using account number, not the user name

  2. Launch Strategy Tester under View menu ( CTRL-R )

  3. enter basic parameters and click Start

  4. view Report to see if this method can earn money

  5. Modify Expert Properties until satisfy with result

  6. Da da !  I have a sure win strategy in Forex !!

Ok, the last statement is a lie.  But there are 'teachers' collecting $3,000++ for a course just like this thao.

All that 'proves' is that Moving Average with those particular parameters can earn me a hundred or two bucks from 30th to 31st August 2011.  It implies almost nothing at all how it can preform before and after that.

Important but boring notes
  • I choose Oanda because almost 48% of its users are earning while others only have 20-30% success rate.  Oanda is also having the largest users base.

  • Investing with real money in Forex is the beginning of the end even for some billionaires.  It is almost a Guarantee place to die if you don't truly understand forex yet.  So play it like a game all you want, but never ever invest in Forex just because this blog makes it seems so simple.

  • The true message MalPF wants to share is that you must use EA if you truly serious want to invest in Forex.

  • Can't even get passed signing up, download and login with Oanda ?  Just click the LIVE HELP button on their web page, someone will chat and help you.

  • You are still clueless how to 'play' forex ?  Good, you shouldn't then.

Alright, here are some screen shots ... 

1. Register Oanda

2. Login

 3. Create sub account, enable MetaTrader


4. 1.  Download and login MetaTrader

2. Open Strategy Tester window ( usually at the bottom )

3. Enter parameters, click Start to analyse

4. View Report to see if it is satisfactory

5.  if not, tune 'Expert Properties' until happy.

6.  If still need helps, pay me $3,000 and I will teach you in person in Starbuick. *joke*

When you have found your jewel guarantee to win strategy, its time to enable the automated trading ( on a practice account ), leave it there and then check the result later.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

How to automate trade Forex

After you setup a demo account, test proof a winning strategy, you can let that the system to trade for you automatically.

Make sure Expert Advisor is running ( green color )

Then select the strategy you want to use, right click and Attach to a chart.

Click on Live Trading ( on a practice account )

Make sure the parameters are as what you wanted

Sit back and just watch the system trade for you.

How this demo is setup in 15 minutes
and how much it has earned me in the past 12 hours even without me working on it.

Who collapse World Economy ?

Most may have sensed that the world economy is changing.  Western world ability to print money (Monopoly game?) used to be the ultimate finance power but now this method is seriously in doubt.  Most blame USA central bank for this sad event but malpf thinks that actually Robert Kiyosaki has caused this.

If we rewind about 10 years back, no one really question about USA finance system.  As a matter of fact, everyone else in the world want to be friend with the giant.  After Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert at that time has already started telling the public ( USA citizens mostly ) NOT to SAVE as your Government has NO MONEY pay you back ...  Soon after that, Donald Trump and Warren Buffet joined in the 'finance education' arena.

USA's finance system has evolved for a century now.  It is an open secret how deceiving it is but yet it continues to grow bigger and bigger.  Because the system will work as long as 80% of the people are dump enough to continue pay their money to the 20% riches.  But comes 21st century with Robert's popular education, the 80% public now knew how dump they were now that they are still poor, everyone stop funding USA finance system now.  Hence no matter if USA does QE1, QE2 ... QE6, it is much harder to get the 80% of public to play the same game anymore.

The reason the world economy cannot revive as fast as it should be is because the public has lost faith in it.  Why do public NOW lost faith in it ?  Well, a large part of it is thanks to great finance educators like Robert Kiyosaki.

Western finance system may be deceiving but just like any magic show, the magic is fascinating as long as 80% of the audience don't know the secret.  But once everyone know the secret, who want to watch the show anymore ?

USA was the magician
Robert broke the secret wide open
No one want to watch anymore

Is this a good thing ?  Malpf is not sure.  You see, when one magic show ends, another one should come up soon.  Else we do not want to watch any more magic show no more.  Robert is a teacher.  He taught everyone to be aware.  Awareness is a good thing.  But stopping the show without a replacement is a bad thing.

How about you ?  Who do you think has collapsed USA economy ?

Saturday, August 27, 2011

End of Warren Buffet ?

Have you ever had the experience that before you invest in something, you always get the market right ?  Then once you get into in, things start going the other way and you wonder Argh !!! Its just so typical ?  Well, you are not alone.  Almost everyone has that, even the most experience investor.  But would Warren Buffet fall for such prey too ?

There is such thing called 10 years cycle in global stock market where the worst and best performance take turns every 10 years, there about.  Previous recessions happened in 1990, 1998, 2008.  So theoretically for the next few years, we are heading toward the next height better than ever before.

Warren Buffet shared the same thought and he has been heavily invested into the market since 2009.  By early 2011 he is almost fully into the market.  But everyone can see now that the market is NOT shooting up yet.  On the contrary, most are expecting double dips now especially for the western worlds.

It appears that even Warren Buffet starts to get worry and he now appears more on media stating his opinion that there is nothing to worry about.

We (USA) have a great system (finance), 
we always get back on our feet
it doesn't mean we wouldn't get tested
but we will be fine.

This is called public confidence instilment.  Since he doesn't have others things to do; ie. most of his capital are already in the market, he, the ultimate investment idol of the world, now has the time to come out asking all of us to join him to go into the market.  Unfortunately, this time ... even the market is bigger than Warren Buffet, may be ?

There is no apparent hints which way market will go but then again, things should become much clearer before year end so its not too long from now.  Warren Buffet will either meet his end or he will become so much richer than he already is.

So right now, Warren Buffet is hopeful on the market because he is already in the market and he needed it to be ok.  So don't beat yourself too hard when the market didn't go your way after you go in.  Its just part of our nature way of expecting the world to go our ways, always.

kass had the same worry too

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Personal Loan, Business Loan

More and more people are asking about personal or business loans recently. Many do not know where else to get one except from loan sharks (Ah Long). Hence they were left with 'no choice' but to take the risk to venture into whatever their dreams are. Actually there are quite a bunch of legitimate sources ...

Below show a list of sources who can give you a loan without any collateral ( tak payah cagaran )

just click on the image to view the big detail image

Some of them may not offer the loan as stated in above list anymore but they usually have other similar alternative products replacing above. So you can just call and let them know what your needs are. They should be able to offer something as they have been 'requested' by the government to 'assist' local entrepreneur.

The interest rate will NOT be LOW as it does not have collateral. But at least they wouldn't come paint your house red I suppose. It is their job to assess your ability to repay. Should things really go south and you have problem repay this loan later, you can try get help from AKPK.
The loan amount is not big in term of business sense. So you may really want to ask yourself why do you need a loan for whatever you want to do. Why haven't you had a saving that is enough for you to start a few thousand ringgits business ? If you are honest in answering that question to yourself, you may find a better way to finance your business.

Else whatever happened in the past may most probably happen again and you may face a lower success factor. Perhaps that is why you will need to pay a higher interest rate to learn the lesson the harder way, again !?

Don't forget credit card is a kind of loan too at 15-18% interest rate. Do get offer from as many sources as possible before considering which one to go for. NEVER NEVER NEVER go for the first one you encounter with.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Better control in Google Sites with page-level permissions

Today we’re introducing page-level permissions, a new feature that will allow you to control who can view and edit your Google Site on a page by page basis.

Using page-level permissions, you can make some pages private for certain users while keeping other pages public for everyone to see. For instance, let’s say you have a Google Site that you’ve shared with your team and your manager. You can allow your team to see one set of pages, let your manager edit another set of pages, and keep yet another set of pages private for only you.

Only site owners have the ability to enable this feature, which is turned off by default for new and existing sites. To turn on page-level permissions, go to More Actions > Sharing and Permissions.

From there, click Enable page-level permissions. Then, in the dialog box, click Turn on page-level permissions.

Once page-level permissions is enabled, you’ll have three options to choose from:

  • allow a page to inherit all of your site-level permissions
  • elect to include future site-level changes to a page
  • prevent a page from inheriting any future changes made at the site-level

Using page-level permissions should give you greater control over who can edit and access your Google site. To learn more about setting page-level permissions, take a look at our getting started guide. Let us know what you think in our support forums.

Eric Zhang, Software Engineer

Introducing Learn with Google

(Cross-posted on the Inside AdWords Blog)

School is back in session and here at Google, we’ve been looking for ways to help you learn how to grow your business online. Many of you have been looking for one central place to go in order to get smart about online tools and strategies, and we hear you. That’s why we’re pleased to introduce Learn with Google, a new educational site designed to be a one-stop shop for businesses to learn about Google products and services like AdWords, Google Apps, Places, Analytics, and more. Whether you’re looking to grow your business or just be more productive, we hope that this collection of short videos, handouts, and resources will arm you with best practices and tips that you can use right away.

On the site, you’ll learn about:

  • Starting Your Business Online: Learn why having an online presence is critical for growing your business and how to create an online marketing plan. Discover how local marketing tactics can help you reach and attract customers near you.
  • Marketing Your Business Online: Master the basics of online marketing and AdWords to get more for your money. Learn how to choose the right keywords and write compelling ads, as well as how to optimize your advertising spend.
  • Running Your Business Online: Learn how the Google Apps suite of online communications and productivity tools, like Gmail and Google Docs, can make your team more collaborative and your business more efficient.

To get started, check out the videos, worksheets, and checklists at Learn with Google. From there, we’ll recommend other tips and how-to’s that will help you grow your business online. We’ll be adding more content and improving the site over time, so be sure to check back often.

Posted by Barbara Yang, Product Marketing Manager, Small Business Team

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Group Term Insurance sample reviews

A few years back, there was only ONE sensible Group Term Insurance which is the one that has been offered by Public Mutual since many years ago. But when I recently look for more choices, I found some nice surprise equivalent offers if not better ...

Etiqa-Public Mutual offers Group Term Life with PA at the following premium

Plan Table Of Benefits ANNUAL PREMIUM
Term Life Personal Accident
A 50,000 50,000 RM170.00
B 100,000 100,000 RM340.00
C 50,000 N/A RM152.50
D 100,000 N/A RM305.00
E 150,000 150,000 RM510.00
F 200,000 200,000 RM680.00
G 150,000 N/A RM457.50
H 200,000 N/A RM610.00

in short it is RM 327.87 protection for each RM 1 you pay. The terms are pretty standard as a group term insurance. However, if one day you are no longer holding any of their mutual funds, your coverage will stop automatically too.

MSIG -Stand Chart Individual PA offers RM 492 for 1 million so it is RM 2,032.52 protection per ringgit. But it only covers very specific damages by accident. If you die like Teoh BH or die while detain in ISA, no payment shall be made. Death not caused by accident is NOT covered too.

e-insuran offers quite interestingly easy-to-use build-your-own protection ...

RM 150,000 Life for RM 285
RM 150,000 Personal Accident for RM 142.50
RM 150,000 Critical Illness for RM 307.50

Add all 3 coverage together, 5% tax and RM10 stamp duty would need a premium of RM 773.75 => RM 193.86 coverage per ringgit. But you need at least 5 person to be entitled for this 'group' insurance.

Great Eastern - Public Mutual offers Mutual Life Plus 2,

Plan Sum Insured Annual Premium
1 RM100,000 RM 550.00
2 RM200,000 RM 1,100.00
3* RM300,000 RM 1,650.00
4* RM400,000 RM 2,200.00
5* RM500,000 RM 2,750.00

which is RM 181.82 coverage per ringgit.

Group Takaful could be interesting but there is no rate info online.

Sadly speaking, none of the above can be purchased online with a click with credit card. Almost all of them has convoluted, tedious and rather no-service oriented purchase process. There was an old saying ... insurance without agent tried not to pay no matter what, insurance with agents will try to pay for those who claim first.

Please be reminded that Term Insurance has no saving element so its best to adopt buy term invest the rest in your portfolio, else the longer it runs, the less advantage you have.

Also don't forget the trick to become an insurance agent yourself to save the commission to yourself ..

Friday, August 5, 2011

Books you may want to buy

You can pay less tax by buying books, below are a list of books you may also be interested to buy.

One Simple Idea


The Steve Jobs Way

The Power of Now

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Full Info of Public Mutual Funds

Public Mutual has 88 funds which is not easy to analyse all of them just by browsing around. Investing base one word of mouth (the company, the agent, friends etc.) is really not a good practice. So its best to put all the basic info into a spreadsheet and analyse from there.

Below is a link to a spreadsheet I have compiled for my own use. All the info is gathered from Public Mutual Online yesterday. I plan to add more info to it as I go along so you may want to refer to the link instead of saving an offline copy.

For example, I want to know which bond fund I want to switch to ...
  • so I use filter to show only Bond 'category'
  • show only 1,000 initial investment
  • sort by Total Cost
I got these to choose from: (all have the lowest fee at 1.035% )
PB Islamic Bond Fund
PB Fixed Income Fund
Public Bond Fund
Public Select Bond Fund

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

list of Public Mutual Funds

Public Mutual is the largest mutual fund company in Malaysia, they have 88 funds !! HOW to choose wisely from 88 choices !? Its CRAZY !! If one can analyse all those 88 funds, one must be good at investing in stocks directly too!

Anyway below show the list sorted by Shariah compliant, followed by category of funds and lastly by fund name. This is the best way I can take a peek by the purpose of investment. Hope this is useful to you too ...

Fund Name Fund Abbreviation historical diff Shariah category
PB Islamic Cash Management Fund PBICMF PB Shariah Money Market
PB Islamic Cash Plus Fund PBICPF WHOLESALE Shariah Money Market
Public Islamic Money Market Fund PIMMF PUBLIC Shariah Money Market
Public Islamic Income Fund PI INCOME PUBLIC Shariah Fix Income
PB Islamic Asia Equity Fund PBIAEF PB Shariah Equity
PB Islamic Asia Strategic Sector Fund PBIASSF PB Shariah Equity
PB Islamic Equity Fund PBIEF PB Shariah Equity
Public Asia Ittikal Fund PAIF PUBLIC Shariah Equity
Public China Ittikal Fund PCIF PUBLIC Shariah Equity
Public Islamic Alpha-40 Growth Fund PIA40GF PUBLIC Shariah Equity
Public Islamic Asia Dividend Fund PIADF PUBLIC Shariah Equity
Public Islamic Asia Leaders Equity Fund PIALEF PUBLIC Shariah Equity
Public Islamic Dividend Fund PIDF PUBLIC Shariah Equity
Public Islamic Equity Fund PIEF PUBLIC Shariah Equity
Public Islamic Opportunities Fund PIOF PUBLIC Shariah Equity
Public Islamic Optimal Growth Fund PIOGF PUBLIC Shariah Equity
Public Islamic Sector Select Fund PISSF PUBLIC Shariah Equity
Public Islamic Select Enterprises Fund PISEF PUBLIC Shariah Equity
Public Islamic Select Treasures Fund PISTF PUBLIC Shariah Equity
Public Islamic Treasures Growth Fund PITGF PUBLIC Shariah Equity
Public Ittikal Fund PITTIKAL PUBLIC Shariah Equity
PB Islamic Bond Fund PBIBF PB Shariah Bond
Public Islamic Bond Fund PIBOND PUBLIC Shariah Bond
Public Islamic Enhanced Bond Fund PIEBF PUBLIC Shariah Bond
Public Islamic Infrastructure Bond Fund PIINFBF PUBLIC Shariah Bond
Public Islamic Select Bond Fund PISBF PUBLIC Shariah Bond
Public Islamic Strategic Bond Fund PISTBF PUBLIC Shariah Bond
Public Sukuk Fund PSKF PUBLIC Shariah Bond
Public Islamic Asia Balanced Fund PIABF PUBLIC Shariah Balance
Public Islamic Balanced Fund PIBF PUBLIC Shariah Balance
PB Cash Management Fund PBCMF PB
Money Market
Money Market
Public Money Market Fund PMMF PUBLIC
Money Market
PB Capital Protected Dragon Fund
Fix Income
PB Capital Protected Resources Fund PBCPRF PB
Fix Income
Public Capital Protected Select Portfolio Fund PCPSPF PUBLIC
Fix Income
PB Asia Equity Fund PBAEF PB
PB Asia Pacific Enterprises Fund PBAPENTF PB
PB China ASEAN Equity Fund PBCAEF PB
PB China Australia Equity Fund PBCAUEF PB
PB China Pacific Equity Fund PBCPEF PB
PB Euro Pacific Equity Fund PBEPEF PB
PB Growth Fund PBGF PB
PB Singapore Advantage-30 Equity Fund PBSGA30EF PB
Public Aggressive Growth Fund PAGF PUBLIC
Public Australia Equity Fund PAUEF PUBLIC
Public China Select Fund PCSF PUBLIC
Public China Titans Fund PCTF PUBLIC
Public Dividend Select Fund PDSF PUBLIC
Public Equity Fund PEF PUBLIC
Public Far-East Alpha-30 Fund PFA30F PUBLIC
Public Far-East Consumer Themes Fund PFECTF PUBLIC
Public Far-East Dividend Fund PFEDF PUBLIC
Public Far-East Property & Resorts Fund PFEPRF PUBLIC
Public Far-East Select Fund PFES PUBLIC
Public Far-East Telco & Infrastructure Fund PFETIF PUBLIC
Public Focus Select Fund PFSF PUBLIC
Public Global Select Fund PGSF PUBLIC
Public Growth Fund PGF PUBLIC
Public Index Fund PIX PUBLIC
Public Indonesia Select Fund PINDOSF PUBLIC
Public Industry Fund PIF PUBLIC
Public Natural Resources Equity Fund PNREF PUBLIC
Public Optimal Growth Fund POGF PUBLIC
Public Regional Sector Fund PRSEC PUBLIC
Public Regular Savings Fund PRSF PUBLIC
Public Savings Fund PSF PUBLIC
Public Sector Select Fund PSSF PUBLIC
Public Select Alpha-30 Fund PSA30F PUBLIC
Public Singapore Equity Fund PSGEF PUBLIC
Public South-East Asia Select Fund PSEASF PUBLIC
PB Fixed Income Fund PBFI PB
PB Infrastructure Bond Fund PBINFBF PB
Public Bond Fund PBOND PUBLIC
Public Enhanced Bond Fund PEBF PUBLIC
Public Institutional Bond Fund PINBOND PUBLIC
Public Select Bond Fund PSBF PUBLIC
Public Strategic Bond Fund PSTBF PUBLIC
PB Asia Real Estate Income Fund PBAREIF PB
PB Australia Dynamic Balanced Fund PBADBF PB
PB Balanced Fund PBBF PB
PB Indonesia Balanced Fund PBINDOBF PB
Public Balanced Fund PBF PUBLIC
Public Far-East Balanced Fund PFEBF PUBLIC
Public Global Balanced Fund PGBF PUBLIC