Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Widget : How Much Tax Can I Save ?

Half of year 2011 has already passed. Have you ever thought of your next tax filing yet ? If you only take a look by next year, then it may be too late for you to optimize anything anymore. Try below widget and see how much the impact may be for you ! Just enter your total annual income and see how much tax you can save simply by planning early !!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Making local online advertising easy with Google AdWords Express

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Today, we're officially introducing AdWords Express, a faster and simpler way to start advertising online in under five minutes. We first launched this product as Google Boost last October for a small number of local businesses. Since then, we’ve continued to improve the product and enabled all U.S. businesses new to online advertising to reach customers with ease. AdWords Express is designed to help local businesses that aren't already AdWords advertisers create effective campaigns—watch the video below to see how you can create and run an online campaign from start to finish in just a few clicks:

AdWords Express helps potential customers find your website or Place page, and gives you a quick and straightforward way to connect with them and grow your business. You simply provide some basic business information, create your ad, and your campaign is ready to go.

After you sign up, the campaign will be automatically managed for you. AdWords Express will figure out which searches should trigger your ad to appear and displays it when these searches happen. Your ad will be shown in the Ads section of search results pages—on the top or right hand side—and in Google Maps with a distinctive blue pin. Customers can see your ad whether they’re searching on laptops or mobile phones.

As with all our ad products, you pay only when a customer clicks on your ad. To make things even easier, AdWords Express optimizes your ads to get the most out of your advertising campaign and budget.

Many businesses are already finding success through AdWords, but we know many of you are looking for an easier way to begin advertising online. Visit www.google.com/awexpress to sign up or learn more about how it works.

Malaysia Best Rates 2011 July 25 Update

Fix Deposit

Affin Bank still offers the highest 3.6% for 12 months. 3.1% to 3.35% is common with all other banks. 1 month FD is mostly at 3% to 3.05%. Most of the foreign banks continue to offer lower FD rates.

Base Lending Rate

Most banks offers 6.6% now except JP Morgan Chase offers the lowest at 6.2%.

Saving Accounts

The Bank of Nova Scotia offers 2.05% while Bangkok Bank and Bank of Tokyo offers 2%

CIMB Air Asia Saver Account offers 1.6%

Don't forget you can get a simple widget
like above to show on your blog / web site.
Just visit here to see how.

Car Loan

Maybank continues to offer the lowest car loan rate starting from 2.7%. However, this is NOT a standard rate apply to all applicants. The actual rate can range up to 4.3%. Alliance bank on the other hand offers 2.8% to 3% which may be a better deal in general sense.

Bank Muamalat offers 2.85% for both New and Used cars but it requires an admin charges of RM600.

CIMB offers 3.25% for used cars.

Don't forget Car Loan rate is Fix Term Rate
which is effectively a MUCH HIGHER
than variable term rate
like House Loan and Fix Deposit.

House Loan

There are too many factors in considering a good house loan, so we don't think its fair to simply summarize them here.

Our advice is to source for at least 3 offers, preferably a mix of local and foreign banks.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Income Tax : Plan vs Not, how much difference ?

Income Tax, to plan or not to plan. Or more precisely, plan now before year end or only worry about it when you file tax next year ... How much is the difference actually ?

Says my annual income in 2011 will be $40,000. If I plan well now ie.
  • buy a $1,600 life insurance
  • pay $5,000 for my parent medication
  • buy $1,00 reading materials
  • ...
I would most probably end up paying $12 tax. That means I can most probably claim back quite a sum of money depends on how much my monthly tax deduction is.

On the other hand, if I do none of the above to optimize my tax, I will most probably be paying $937 for my tax. That is a difference of $925 !!

Will you be interested to earn or save $925 just by reading article like this to get yourself well aware of how you should spend some of your money which is beneficial to you and your family anyway ?

If you annual income is $60,000 the tax difference btw plan vs not is $1,991
If you annual income is $80,000 the tax difference btw plan vs not is $3,606

Annual Income $40,000.00


Best Case Min Case

1 Individu dan saudara tanggungan 9000 9,000.00 9,000.00

20 Insuran nyawa dan KWSP 6,000 (Terhad) 6,000.00 4,400.00 1600
2 Perbelanjaan Perubatan Ibu Bapa 5,000 (Terhad) 5,000.00 0.00 5000
5 Yuran Pendidikan (Sendiri) 5,000 (Terhad) 5,000.00 0.00 5000
7 Pemeriksaan perubatan penuh 500 (Terhad) 500.00 0.00 500
8 Pembelian buku, majalah, jurnal dan penerbitan 1,000 (Terhad) 1,000.00 0.00 1000
9 Pembelian komputer peribadi untuk individu 3,000 (Terhad) 3,000.00 0.00 3000
10 Tabungan bersih dalam skim SSPN 3,000 (Terhad) 3,000.00 0.00 3000
11 Pembelian peralatan sukan untuk aktiviti sukan 300 (Terhad) 300.00 0.00 300
12 Yuran langganan Jalur Lebar 500 (Terhad) 500.00 0.00 500
22 Insurans pendidikan dan perubatan 3,000 (Terhad) 3,000.00 0.00 3000
3 Peralatan Sokongan Asas 5,000 (Terhad)

4 Individu Kurang Upaya 6000

6 Perbelanjaan perubatan penyakit yang sukar diubati 5,000 (Terhad)

13 Faedah pembelian rumah … 10,000 (Terhad)

14 Suami/Isteri/Bayaran alimoni kepada bekas isteri 3,000 (Terhad)

15 Suami/Isteri kurang upaya 3500

16 Anak di bawah umur 18 tahun 1000

17 Anak menerima pendidikan sepenuh masa 1000

18 Anak diploma Ijazah 4000

19 Anak Kurang upaya 5000

21 Skim anuiti 1,000 (Terhad)

36,300.00 13,400.00

Taxable Income $3,700.00 $26,600.00

Tax Saving

Tax Payable $12.00 $937.00