Friday, January 21, 2011

What you should not do in self marketing with blogs

What you shouldn't do in self marketing blogs.

There is so many thing that you shouldn't do in self marketing blogs.Because, if you doing this you will not find successfull in your way to promoting and marketing product. Yesterday i have been told you on what you should do in self marketing blogs, and now you must check this for guide you to make a successfull self marketing from blogs.

1. Using free blog for marketing,
Maybe some marketers had a success story with it,but it takes more efforts,strategy,good keyword,luck and etc.This will not works for you! i repeat this will not works for you, why?

Marketing with blogs actually need more consistence and spending lot of time to maintain your strategy.Have you ever seen how many marketers fail to sells and marketing product because they use a free platform? Let see Amazon with thousand product and category. A success marketers using a self hosted blog to marketing the product. They can maintain the condition on the market and they had great keyword bidding because they can use domain as keywords.

Lets check and,do you think the buyers want to writes a long blog names to buy a gadget? sure they will choose and write it on Google search engine.Then how they will find your freeblogs? and buy something from you? none.

2. Not using SEO ?
Search Engine Optimization if i'm not wrong, how many keywords that you have? how many keywords that you use? do you know meta tags? Long tail keywords? no. Ok you must consider this, The number 1 site that shown in google search use SEO in their web/blogs.They use it to have better indexed by Google search engine. If you have marketing blogs in full markets then you have to use it if you wants to shown your blog in 1-10 place on Google Search Page 1. SEO is the key to have better index in search engine so why dont you try to use it?

3. Spending more for ads campaign?
Ads campaign is the valuable tricks to bring visitors and costumers to your marketing blogs.It still the best way if you have good keyword research. But for new marketers, you must have balance to use it,otherwise this tricks will burns your pocket like a hole.They key to use great campaign is keyword bidding and keyword research. This takes a time, but if you don't use SEO in your web this keyword will not work good and make your ads campaign useless.

i have seen many people failed, they broke and have debt problems because they don't have balance. Keep your cards safely for this.

4. Buy Traffic
If you had own blogs,Use SEO, and better ads campaign but you still don't have visitors, don't try to buy traffic! how can i have visitors? and buying my product? Traffic from Traffic generator is fake! you willl not have value on this. They just sending you traffic and no buying act. If you wants to have visitors and buy something for you then you must buying an email list, Because the money is in the list.

The easy way to make a list is from visitor that being subscribers in your web. And how you get the subscribers ? give them bonus reports,dirty little secrets ohh they loved to,blueprints,and Cash Prize. Buy an email opt in and email list builder, that will work good than you burn your pocket in crazy adscampaign... Aweber is good for this...

5. Banner,banner and banner  
if you had blogs, using SEO, have a lot visitor's, an email list, subscribers, great content, good landing page, pre selling page, but why they wont buy? Too much banner, great size of banner, too much button and no focus and straight line, Bang! you wont have a selling today.

Too much banner,uncategories link ads and another ads banner will blown away your visitors mind.Great landing page is,ABCD ! you can add banner that relevants to your product and linked to your affiliates.

DO not put too much banner ads,2 or 4 is enough. so the visitors can choose the right product and buy from you. if you had lot of affiliates link and dont have any site,dont have landing page ,all you had just an affiliate banner then you must check this.You can use you can put your affiliates banner and campaign them in free traffic generator like trafficswarm or, It will back up your affiliates and visitors to your affiliates link without spending a dime for it...

6.let it rolls
There is no magic cash moments,if you dont take more efforts on your work, then you will not being a succesfull marketers.There is no automatic, auto pilots, autocash without a pararel programs of softwares. Updating your marketing blogs is needed. Fresh content and new prize will hit a timebomb that your visitors love to. Winning a $100 prize to bring your friends here is the good programs, than you spend it on adwords in just 1 days. Justin Mitchie doing this and had great feedback from his visitors.

7. Only Single Blog?
Theres so many ways to had more value from a marketing blogs.If your blogs had a succesed level then you must take a long step of it.Double it,dont waste your time to brings more visitors better if you take a little time to double your revenue from another blogs.If you put for the fist marketing blogs then you must make,,or  Why not! new blogs .. new wife.. new cash!

Thats you shouldn't do in self marketing with blogs.