Sunday, January 9, 2011

What you should do and don't,in self marketing with blogs

Well,in high competitions on marketing strategy anyone can be friends and enemy. Friends when they doing what you want to. Readers then being subscribers and become loyal buyers it can be a hardwork to do.

Enemy when your readers become spying on your affiliates programs and stole your hardwork, Bang! you  just lost your great opportunity by your own enemy.

There are some method that you can find on web to protect your hardwork. Many of them can be accessed by entering Google marketing index. I will tell you some easy tips to handle your website or blogs.

What you should do and don't,in self marketing with blogs.

For newbie it was so easy to maintain blogs with blogger (blogspot) and some of them use this free platform to make a self marketing blogs. Free and cheap that's the answer when you ask them why they use blogspot platform to enter the marketing loophole.

But, there's so many pros and cons to using this platform.When the Affiliate website or the owner need to use your own domain e.g. TLD (.com,.net,.us) they give up. So for the next investment better if you upgrading the platform to marketing your blogs.

Self hosting domain make a different view on marketing strategies. Believe me free platform is better only for biography and article writing its not good for selling and marketing community.

How you had a value readers that turn into loyal buyers by using blogspot?

And now what you should do in self marketing with blogs.

1. Buy host and domain!
This will helpfull if you wants to be a marketers.Let see if you still newbie, you can use your own domain.
Set your self hosted blog with 4 or 6 affiliates banner into it. You don't need to write a long tail post to hipnotise your readers and it very easy if you don't know how to write a killer articles. Just put it and the business will go on.

2. Choose the right affiliates for you
To choose the right affiliate marketing is so easy, the key is similar with your keywords and blog tittle.This is the golden key when you join affiliates with the right keywords, you will have a similar content and this will
attract more readers.

Some affiliates master will help too by giving you a promotion tool to use. Articles, Banners, Videos, Keywords research, and email marketing's tips and all you do is, use it to your value subscribers.

3. Stay away from hackers, copyscapes, spyers, from spamming.
This is not an easy works, you must take a time to focus on your web from this. A popular affiliate marketers will protecting they web from being target. You can tracking them by checking their ip when they suggest to be your fake subscribers,Using akismet on wordpress is help too, and don't forget to disable right clicks on your webs, protect your contents will minimize your next problems.

4. Design makes money
Ever heard something like this, Good design makes money. Sure you had to make your readers love to stay long and reading your contents. This will bring money if they being your loyal readers..

Here's the catch!

a) Make your site or blogs simple, easy to find, fast to loads and have great content as they need. Too much animations, flash, or too much big ads will slowing down your blog access.

b) 1 post per page, this will helps you to raise your Pagerank as long as you add sub menus, readers will have a faster load with this. Try linkwithin to shown your another post or content, or you can make a label clouds to mapping your blogs.

c) Use the simple themes design.
This is the things that you must consider to use, besides Keywords. Let see if you had great keywords but poor design, readers will think like this, oh man.. are you serious to selling this $650 gadget on blog like this?

5. Read and knowing how
Yup its simple just read and knowing how/what the readers need, there you go, you can sell anything to them. In this case you must straight to the point! don't let other affiliates stealing your readers if you had to bring them to your affiliate links, do something like this cloaks your affiliates link with no ads cloacker! you can find it on Google or viral marketing.

If they seen ads when they want to go to your affiliates links,bye-bye.. 50% of them will going to clicks the ads if they seen the similar of what they need. Remember Flash and fancy ads can hipnotised the readers eye.

You can read and knowing how by learning with the gurus or professional marketers.Coming to a seminar or trainings will open your cave mind plus you get more friends and more skills on how to manage your affiliates programs.

6. Traffic is the king
This is the power, the more traffic you got, the more subscribers and loyal buyer will buy from you. The question is how i can get the massive traffic to my website/blogs?

There's three way on how to bring traffic to your web.

        1. Buy it! you can buy traffic from traffic generators,PPC sites,PTC programs or Traffic sellers.But $100 for newbie is a hard cash, i don't suggest this for newbie, this will burns your pockets.

        2. Find it! you can find traffic source or traffic loophole on web by active in forums like social media, Facebook, Twitter and the easy tricks, jump in to a business web or news site,this quiet works.

7. Update your website or blogs regularly.
yeah, this affected with your Google Adsense Account. Google will check it, besides the page rank, indexes and inactivity of your blogs.

You must have a scheduled post or content to miss the banned from Google. A blogs with inactivity or no updates but have a lot of clicks will tagged as a fraudulent clicks! beware if you still wants general checks coming from Google, you can use article from Ezines 20-80% combining with your own contents is the easy way. Try your self to make a scheduled post or content to manage this...

shghh.. next time i will publish what you should not do,in self marketing with blogs..see you..