Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Selling Ideas

How to sell your ideas (and product) with stories

Do you want to give a storyselling a try? here some step that you can do it.

1. Tell the story that demonstrates a need for what you're selling about.
First thing you must know ,the story must demonstrate on how is the beginning,If you want to try to sell ebook about diet category it should be great if you telling your own story to them on how is the beginning you're become fat,or how you losing your focus to care your body weight.It seem strugling but heres a catch, most of your potential buyer wants to see the same problems with them so they had a similar tought in their minds and if you can drive their minds emotially they will buy your product.

2. Show proofment
Always try to get an eye focus on this, if you still want to sell your ideas and product with stories why not you put an extra point to be truth,Show them proofment on how it works easily most of your potential buyers will atract if they find some proofing method that they need to. Show it and your gonna make a killer selling. just keep in mind you can use a video proof to make it better beside the picture proofment.These day that old tricks do not works well.

3. Keep it relevant
Usually if you had an ideas of your own and had a product to sell you must catch this.As long as your brillian idea is relevant to your product its not a problem if you give as a bonus here is some example : if you have a diet ebook to sell why don't you give a daily tips to manage foods consumption ,daily nutrient and the best part is daily food recipe to lose weight Or daily exercise to burn fat easily.

4. Breakdown the category
If run on great niche you will find the great secret on how to make your niche better than the competitors and the little secret is "breakdown the category it self".Managing your category on how to sell your idea and make them into related category will make a great combination of all.Example : if you sell ebooks on how to lost fat fast why dont you breakdown the category it self,make a related content like : "lost fast with food", or "3 steps that makes you lossing fat".Or give them bonus "get free diet video with bla-bla-bla (you can name it with your popular trainer and link to your web).

5. Be honest.
Everyone has real problems on different conditions,Product with stories will atract more people to explore. Just be honest and dont try to lying people about your product.It is not about "selling and selling again".But the most important part is on how you help them with their own FAT problems.

Teach them to find the way.. and give your hands ,thousand great comments will make your own product better than just 1 comments ,so if you had more time, give them more effort with answering their question and the good thing is you make a relationship with your subscribers that will make a long term business with your own ideas....