Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Rights NOT to pay tax ?

This is a respond to Hafix's article and some readers' intrepretation on it
Hafiz is one of the columnists for Malaysia Insider and definitely one of the greatest writters you should read more if you are interested in Malaysia economy and politics.  Basically in his article, he mentioned that if the citizen loves the country more then everyone will be more willingly paying taxes.
While what the article says is true, but unfortunately it was read into a different kind of signal : "... we have the rights not to pay tax ... ".  A relatively destructive way to interpret the article, although Hafix may disagree.

Although what the article mentioned could be right on the disappointment we may have with the goverment.  But it doesn't give us any Rights NOT to pay taxes.  This example of doing evil upon the devil doesn't really work.

The fundamentals of life is still simple.  The story of goverment didn't do a good job and therefore you don't need to pay tax only lead to 2 practical ends;

1) You decide to leave this country.  Then yes, abuse it and forget about all the family and friends who stay back.  Don't pay any taxes.

2) You still want or need or have to stay and work here.  Then you should still pay your taxes.  As for the disappoinment from the goverment, you should continue to can them into doing better, fix them!  At the moment you stop paying tax, you would also lose your right to fix the goverment.

Complain all you want to release tension, but when it comes to real pratical life, we should still do the smart actions - the right thing as well.