Friday, March 13, 2009

track records of GREATest investors of all time

These are the coolest data I have ever worked with, totally worth me working on it until now ... 3am+.

Basically these are all the greatest stock investors of all time, their actual perfomance vs Standard and Poor index ( pink line with square mark).  Click on the picture on view in full size.

Graph below shows that Warren Buffet stands out quite significantly as the best profit and also worst lost ( brown line with circle mark ).

Joel seems to perform quite well most recently but the pattern is also big gain big drop ( light blue with square mark )

However its easier to earn profit during bull run vice versa.  So the real good investor should out perform the index during good time and perserve capital during bad times.  So I minus out each great investor's return with S&P return to come up with a Net Return, as an indication of how well these investors out perform the market.

Ok, its still hard to see anything from this graph.  But basically it seems that even the greatest investors of all time didn't really out perform market that much at all !

Average return of all time among all greatest investors is 19.6% while the average of S&P is 13.13%.  So they really out preform market by 6.46% only !

Among them, the best out preformer is Joel by 19.72% and Warren Buffet by 15.6%

How much were you thinking you can out preform market by ?