Thursday, October 9, 2008

Comparison of currencies against MYR 2008 Trends

The plotted data was from Jan1 to Oct9 this year. This shows the value of other currencies as compared to MYR. The data has been index to Jan1 values so that it's easier to compare the different currencies to each other. (For example KRW has dropped from 1.0 to 0.7; this means if you had bought RM1000 worth of KRW in Jan1, today, it's worth only RM700).

The value of EUR increased for much of 2008, and then started dropping. By Oct1, it's value was below that at the start of the year (y-axis == 1.0).

GBP spends much of the year below 1.0, moving up and down. The current value is about 7.5% lower than at the start of the year. You can see it's pretty low. Lower than any other time in the year (except 1 month ago).

USD tracked GBP for much of the year, until it began to diverge about 2 months ago and started going up. It's now at the highest point this year.

JPY is increasing higher than even USD. If you'd bought RM1000 of JPY on Jan1, it'll be worth RM1175 today. KRW is dropping like a stone. May be its a good time to go holiday in Seoul? smile.gif

extracted from Lowyat Forum
data obtained from Bank Negara